The Traveling Divvyer


I was able to turn this website around fairly quickly by leveraging other people's work. Particularly, there was a fair amount of data munging and visualization work whose creators I am grateful to.


  • Steven Vance's Github site provided the original Divvy data in a most workable format
  • Additionally the above site contained a distance matrix attributed to Drew DePriest This matrix contained distances between all Divvy stations, the result of a significant amount of work to scrape Mapquest and a great time saver to be able to use.
  • For the visualization, I decided to show a potential route between any two stations on a trip. Mapquest's open map project provided this data via it's API.
  • I am using the Mapbox API for serving the map. It has made using maps in the website very straightforward.


As is evident from this site itself, I am not a designer. I knew I wanted to show a tour in some animated way, but wasn't really sure how that would be. I am grateful to the following sites for the knowledge and inspiration they made available.

  • Chris Whong's A Day in the Life of a NYC Taxi and its supporting blog posts was the basis for much of my visualization
  • Zev Ross' blog had some great write-ups on using Leaflet and D3 to animate trips on a map, like this
  • Mike Bostock, the creator of D3, has an incredible website of resources for visualization using D3.