The Traveling Divvyer

Introduction and Overview

The Traveling Divvyer is a riff on the classic traveling salesman problem. Starting from a given station, what route would you travel to visit all stations exactly once while minimizing your mileage ridden ?

This website shows a feasible route for visiting all stations from any starting station. Additionally, as it traverses a route from a given start, it will calculate the time for the entire route by summing the fastest time someone traversed each leg of the route in 2014. If a given leg was not ridden in 2014 based on history, we will assign an average time to that leg based on the distance and a fairly slow travel time (this essentially penalizes legs not done, so a route with more legs done will be considered better than one with lots of legs with no history).
Essentially, we are crowd sourcing the riding of a route which visits all stations.

Note that the algorithm to find the route for a given starting station is a simple one look ahead , nearest neighbour type of algorithm. That is, we always move to the closest station that has not been visited. This in no way guarantees finding the shortest overall route, but was chosen for expediency of coding effort. There is a large literature of the travelling salesman problem addressing more optimal ways to approach this.